Protecting Your Legacy

How estate planning can reduce stress in your life, avoid complications and protect your family.

Estate Planning

A well-crafted estate plan allows you to protect your assets and avoid unnecessary costs and delays for your beneficiaries.


Louisiana succession law can be confusing. Failure to follow the rules may result in unintended consequences.

Avoiding Complications Through Estate Planning

Estate planning is about avoiding complications. No one would want to see the assets they wanted to go to their children wasted paying for nursing home expenses, court costs, taxes and other issues. However, that is exactly what can happen if you fail to plan your estate.

I’m Woody Keim, an estate planning and succession attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am here to ensure that the estate you built up over your lifetime goes to the people you choose. I craft estate plans for families with estates of all sizes. I also guide personal representatives and beneficiaries through the Louisiana probate process, which in our state is called “succession.”

Baton Rouge Estate Planning And Succession Attorney

Do You Need A Trust?

Trusts aren’t just for the wealthy. Learn more about the advantages of having a family trust.

Woody Keim

Estate Planning Attorney

Woody Keim has practiced estate law for over 15 years. He knows from personal experience that proper and timely estate planning is essential for the smooth transition of assets between generations.

Talk To An Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate plan doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. However, it does need to be tailored to your assets, your family and your goals. I offer a free and confidential consultation to discuss your estate planning or succession goals. Call 225-500-0855 or complete my simple contact form to talk to an experienced estate planning attorney today.

Four Reasons To Plan Your Estate Now

  • Plan for future events, including the possibility of incapacity
  • Ensure your assets go the people you want to have them
  • Protect your beneficiaries from unnecessary costs and delays
  • Keep your family’s financial affairs private

Planning your estate now will give you and your family the peace of mind in knowing that you have planned for every contingency. Our services are strictly on a flat-fee basis: no surprise invoices or hourly charges. Know the cost before the work starts!