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Starting a new business? Drowning in your small business paperwork?

We can provide legal, accounting and marketing support for entrepreneurs, therefore allowing them to focus more on the core of their small businesses.


Legal Support 
1. LLC formation
2. Create operating agreement/ Bylaws
3. Notary services*
4. Contract review*
5. Agent for service*
6. EIN and state tax registration
7. Local licensing
8. Trademark/ Copyright registration

Accounting Support
1. Estimated taxes*
2. Profit and loss reports*
3. Corporate/ Personal tax return preparation
4. Payroll*
5. Annual report

1. Business plans
2. Graphic design/ Logos
3. Secret shopper program*
4. Focus groups

Other Services
1. Business liability insurance
(*) Starred items can be bundled into a monthly subscription at discounted rates

Connect With Me To Learn Your Options

I offer no-cost consultations to all prospective clients. Arrange your meeting by calling 225-500-0855 or emailing me.